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This site is a reference database of Madame Alexander Dolls. We are cataloging as many Madame Alexander dolls as we can find, storing the name of the doll, year(s) made, Box Number, Image of the Doll and what we are finding for Low and High Values. These values are based on the doll being NRFB (never removed from box). Dolls in Mint Condtion or Played with will have lower values. Conditions such as hair, sleep eyes working, green stains where jewelry is attached, clouded eyes and other factors detract from the value of the dolls. Boxes must be in perfect condition, hang tag included. These are just pricing guidelines and as much factual information we can gather on the Alexander Dolls. New features will be added as we can accomodate them.
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Pinocchio In Pleasure Island, Madame Alexander 66750 82013Plastic/Vinyl$88.00$103.00
Bonesy, Madame Alexander 64480 82012Plastic/Vinyl$67.00$85.00
Casablanca, Madame Alexander 48460 162008Plastic/Vinyl$115.00$135.00
Mistletoe Kisses (AA), Madame Alexander 64466 82014Plastic/Vinyl$77.00$90.00
Running Away To Grandma's AA, Madame Alexander 62001 82011Plastic/Vinyl$65.44$89.95
Witchcraft, Madame Alexander 64210 102011Plastic/Vinyl$120.00$150.00
Jessie and Bullseye, Madame Alexander 61905 82011Plastic/Vinyl$65.00$85.00
Lollipop Wendy, Madame Alexander 64550 82012Plastic/Vinyl$76.00$85.00
Dairy Queen Blizzard A/A, Madame Alexander 65161 82012Plastic/Vinyl$85.00$100.00
Strolling Scarlett O'Hara, Madame Alexander 64385 102012Plastic/Vinyl$136.00$155.00
Strolling Rhett Butler, Madame Alexander 64380 102012Plastic/Vinyl$124.00$140.00
Cowardly Lion Winkie Guard , Madame Alexander 64185 82012Plastic/Vinyl$85.00$100.00
Munchin General, Madame Alexander 64390 82012Plastic/Vinyl$85.00$100.00
Pope Alexander VI, Madame Alexander 64370 102012Plastic/Vinyl$140.00$175.00
Lucrezia's Wedding, Madame Alexander 64250 102012Plastic/Vinyl$155.00$170.00
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